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Shitennou.com Ficathon is Complete

Ah, I'm such a good girl I finished on time...well after a seven day extension (hey, I spend a week in arizona with four kids...) And I even kept the story under 10,000 words! How did I manage that? Well I kind of "pushed" the ending a bit but it was just a short story so.... …

Shitennou Ficathon

I'm not sure if anybody reading is interested, but for your information shitennou.com is having a ficathon again.

Ami/Zoi erotica

Ami yanked on the laces one last time, ignoring the blaring rock now echoing from the closed bedroom door. Her hands ran along the leather, admiring the fit, but she wiggled a bit as the g-string felt strange. She didn't wear thong underwear, as a general rule, and found the thin piece of leather in her …

The Gift - Ami/Zoi drabble

He sat beside her on the couch, thighs pressed against each other, and resisted the urge to laugh as she pulled off the valentine's wrapping paper.

Fanfiction Contest Reminder

This is just a reminder to anyone writing something for the Shitennou fanfiction contest - the deadline is this friday, the ninth. I looked at my calendar today and wow, that's close. Remember you'll have an extra week to get stories in if you're just lazy, the actual voting begins the following week on the 16th.

Realization - Chapter 01

Realization – Chapter 01
By Aurora Eos Rose

Shitennou Contest

My little library Shitennou is having a fanfiction contest. This is the very first contest the library has run, so we'll see how things go. The contest runs until April 9th., with a 7 day period of stories being available for reading (although you have those seven days as a grace period for all the lazy …

Sailor Moon Fandom

Sailor Moon is slowly dying. I find it sad, a bit depressing. You see, there was the live action in Japan but it's been awhile since SM has been featured on US TV. And manga is not that popular here yet. So the influx of new fans, something very important for a genre like Sailor Moon …