Rei and Jade vignette

Rei felt like screaming. In fact, she was sure that this was what hell looked like.

There were kids everywhere...babies, toddlers, all the way up to teenagers with sullen faces and strange piercings.
And the noise. Rei thought for a moment that her eardrums would explode. And then there was Prince Charming. Rei scowled again. Mina might have drooled over the blonde, but Jade was anything but charming. Well, maybe just a little.
He was changing diapers. Rei wanted to make some smartass comment. She was dying to get in a dig, to make him feel like a piece of dirt. But the look on his face held her captive. He was talking to the baby, quite seriously. And the little one was jabbering back, as though the two were holding a conversation in some foreign language. Rei cleared her throat loudly.

Jade finished the change and picked the baby up. The little boy promptly grasped a handful of blonde hair. Jade turned around slowly. His eyes turned dark for a second. "You're late." Rei didn't say anything, merely lifted one eyebrow. Jade snorted. "Well, princess, since you've finally decided to grace us with your presence, you can get to work." He handed over the baby, laughing at the terrified look that skittered across her face.

"It's just a baby. He doesn't bite, well, unless you stick your hand in his mouth. And watch out he likes...." Rei screamed as the baby grabbed a handful of hair and yanked. She let go of the little one, desperately trying to free her hair. Jade swore and grabbed for the falling baby, who had a death grip on the locks and was now screaming. The room erupted into chaos.

He caught the infant just before it hit the floor. Jade cradled the crying baby in his arms. The terrified screams settled to hiccups and the occasional whimper. He put the baby in a nearby playpen, a pacifier now deathgripped in the boy's mouth. Jade turned around. His eyes were so dark they looked back. Rei took a couple steps backward. Then he erupted. "What the hell do you think you're doing?" Rei took several more steps backward, more than a little afraid of the anger sizzling in Jade's eyes. But she couldn't keep her mouth shut, she'd never been yelled at by anyone.

"He wasn't just pulling my hair, he was yanking it out at the roots." Jade took several steps forward and leaned right into her face; he hissed his reply.

"You little idiot. Your hair getting pulled isn't nearly as important as NOT DROPPING THE FUCKING BABY. Your hair will grow back, but he might have gotten a concussion, or something even more serious. You little bitch." The room was suddenly very quiet. Dozens of pairs of little eyes were looking in their direction. And for the first time in her life, Rei felt a strange emotion. Shame...

Tears pushed for freedom, guilt clawed at her throat along with an apology, but she swallowed them back. Jade had turned away from her. He had picked the baby back up and was soothing him and the other kids at the same time. Rei watched, a bit astonished, as he had everyone settled back into routine in less than five minutes. But when he finally made his way back to where she was standing, his eyes were still the dark, and the baby was sleeping in a crib. He grabbed her by the arm and yanked her into the back room.



I honestly can't tell whether or not you hate Rei or if you simply enjoy letting her suffer. I liked it though. The last two paragraphs threw me waaay off. Totally unexpected.

2005-03-07 3:15 pm


I like it, though you may have Rei point out that it's generally not a good idea to thrust a baby towards someone who has absolutely no idea how to handle them, you generally want to clear that, especially for the safety of the baby.

2005-03-07 5:34 pm

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