Random scene from a story I haven't been able to pin down...

“Gem boy, it’s about time you showed up.” Zoisite Suisei stiffened at the name. He growled at the hand that smacked the back of his head. He also ignored the heavy hand that flung across his shoulders.

“That is not my name, fool, and could apply just as easily to you.”

“Touché. Actually, I’d be gem man, but you’d still be gem boy.” Zoi shrugged out from under the hand and tackled his opponent in one smooth motion.

“Rock boy is more appropriate for you, Jade.” Zoi dug his knee into Jade’s stomach, leaving the blonde gasping for breath.

“I told you he doesn’t like to be called that.” Mamoru Chiba entered the room with a grin. Zoi’s face broke into a smile of welcome.

“Hey, Mamoru. Still in school? How many degrees does this make now?” Mamoru whacked Zoi on the back so hard the smaller man almost fell over.

“This is the second, of course. Can’t do much with a degree in Anthropology. I decided to get a real Doctor-it.” Mamoru laughed at his own joke. Jade groaned on the floor.

“Please don’t make any more jokes. They stink. Who else is coming?” Mamoru leaned over and helped Jade stand up. Zoi glanced at the two for a moment. They were the same height and build, but Jadeite had lemon blonde hair and cornflower blue eyes. Mamoru had pitch black hair and eyes the color of sapphires.

“Anyone ever tell you two you look like opposite twins?”

“What kind of an inane analogy is that?” Nephrite smacked Zoi on the back of the head as he walked in the room. Zoi growled.

“Do you have to do that? Why does everyone do that?” Mamoru greeted the newcomer with a bear hug, ignoring Zoi’s raving.

“Because you’re the right height so it’s a nice target. Nice to see you, Neph. Is Kunz coming?” Neph nodded.

“Yes, but he’s bringing along his annoying brother.” Zoi smiled.

“Good, I’ll have help in my war against you.” Nephrite groaned. Kunzite’s baby brother was normally an angel; well, as angelic as any seventeen-year-old could be. But when Helios and Zoisite teamed up, all hell broke loose.

“Great, I’ll have to fend off brat and brat junior.” Zoi shrugged. Tormenting Nephrite was one of his fonder pastimes, right next to picking up girls.

“How are things going for you at NASA?” Nephrite smiled loudly and launched into an exposition of his newest discovery. Mamoru and Jade started up a conversation, catching up on the past three months. Zoi left the room quietly. He’d bug Nephrite about his star obsession another time. Right now he needed to be alone. He’d spent too much time around people lately. That’s what came with being an actor, but it was still annoying sometimes. He leaned over the railing and stared out at the waves. Mamoru’s beach house was more of a beach mansion. Zoi had thought about buying his own version here, to match the one he owned on the west coast. But what was the point when he could simply borrow Mamoru’s.

“I hear that Mamoru’s trying to play matchmaker again.” Jade moved beside Zoi, ignoring the scowl that was sent his way.

“He’s probably in league with my mother. She’s obsessed with getting some grandchildren.” Jade chuckled.

“She still bugging you about being an actor with no sense of decency and morals?” Zoi nodded slowly.

“One woman dumped me at the altar and everyone thinks I’m dying to get married. Then I have a very public affair with a divorcee and I have no morals. If one more woman throws herself at me, I think I’m going to scream.” Jade laughed.

“Don’t they all throw themselves at you? It’s that pretty boy face of yours. Have you met Beryl yet?” Zoi shook his head. Jade’s smile faded. “Then you’re in for a real…treat.” Jade left his friend staring at the waves. “I’ll tell you when Kunz gets here.”


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