Rei freezing her butt off...

Rei was considering suicide just to be in the fires of hell. After all, she was fire incarnate, it couldn't hurt that bad. Then again, with her luck she figured she'd end up in a frozen wasteland in her own personal corner of eternal damnation. She sighed and considered the fact she wasn't shivering anymore. It should have been a bad thing, but she could breath again without almost biting her tongue off. Her makeshift shelter was a little cavern that popped up out of the fields of ice and snow. She had gotten down on her hands and knees and squirmed into the narrow stone opening while escaping from a particularly nasty youma. It was never a good thing to run out of amunition - in her case fire - while going one on one with an enemy twice her size.

The cavern was actually little more than a hollowed out rock space, barely tall enough for her to stand up. She huddled in the middle of the stone floor. Her breathing was becoming more and more sluggish and her brain was starting to shut down. She felt her eyes drift shut but was powerless to stop them. And then she collapsed into sleep.

"Well, well, what do we have here?" A warm hand brushed against her icy cheek and lifted a single strand of black hair. "So beautiful. A shame to let her turn into a block of ice." And then the two were gone in a rush of darkness.


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