Again on the Job Market

Startups are a dangerous place, in case you didn't already know that... and even not being in the founding club of hires can be dangerous. Although in most cases by the "second round" of hiring places have some kind of funding in place, if there's no backup plan things can go south.

Saying Hello

Starting in May I'm moving on to a new position. Although it is another remote job (I have four kids and moving is really out of the question) I think it will be a lot different than anything I've done before.

Saying Goodbye

This has been a rather hard post for me to write.

Knit Phone Cozy

I hated digging for my phone in my purse. In fact, I kind of hate purses in general. In college I didn't have a purse at all, just a wallet with a clip that I attached to whatever pair of jeans I happened to be wearing, or I shoved the wallet in a coat pocket. I …