Cairo Alpha Released

The first alpha of the PECL Cairo extension I've been working on is finally out. Cairo is a 2D graphics library written in C with support for multiple output devices. The extension provides an Object Oriented API, but also includes procedural methods. This is similar to PHP's date and mysqli extensions. The reason for the dual …

Ada Lovelace Day 2009

In the normal course of a day I tend to volunteer for far more things than I have time to complete. This has happened once again for Ada Lovelace Day. I can never say no to crazy pledges so here I am with a very short expression of thanks to someone who has helped me in …

Xdebug, Thread Safety, and PHP 5.3

There have been some changes to internal PHP stuff for 5.3, and some don't always show up unless you're looking at your compile logs and testing with thread safety on.

Trying on some new looks

Been looking around for a pretty pink theme for awhile, so don't be surprised if the look of this blog changes a lot over the next few days while I experiment.

Setting up PhD on Windows

Documentation for PHP

Seven (Weird) Things (

It's like a giant game of tag around here! So Derick has so graciously tagged me - I suppose I need to do this before everyone has already been tagged!