Windows Builds for Php-Gtk2

I now have working almost automated builds running for PHP-Gtk2 with CVS versions of PHP-Gtk2 and PHP5.2. Almost because
1. I haven't written code to automatically upload the zip files and delete files if there are more than 5 snaps sitting there and
2. I still have to start them manually by calling the .bat file.

Fun with compiling - Gtk+, PHP-Gtk2, and MSVC

So I've been using microsoft visual studio (actually it's Visual C++ Express, but uses the same stuff behind the scenes) to work on getting things compiled on windows. PHP-Gtk2 allows for some nifty extensions, well at least on linux. So I've been working to get versions of libglade, scintilla, gtksourceview and mozembed working on windows. It's …

CC_Tooltips - easy php-gtk tooltip management

This is the first article in a series on the features and usage of Callicore Desktop. CC Desktop is a "framework" for php-gtk2 applications. Basically it includes commonly used widgets and classes to make developing programs quick and easy.

Callicore Desktop - A PHP-GTK2 Framework

I haven't posted for awhile but I've been doing quite a bit of work on Writer, well rearranging actually, to make the code easier to use and manage.