The saga continues...

Well, I did some looking for a simple, assert style testing framework - maybe one or two classes is all I wanted. The closest thing to what I wanted was simpletest but my goodness - it isn't so simple anymore. Like phpunit(2) it's become a behemoth. So I suppose I'll have to quick roll my own.

I'm insane

This is a rather long and rambling post so don't worry if you get lost...even I did at times.

Shitennou Ficathon

I'm not sure if anybody reading is interested, but for your information is having a ficathon again.

Wordpress, multiple users, and direction

What's the one thing moveable type has that causes people to flip from wordpress? Multiple blogs "out of the box". However, there are a lot of people (like this) who would like that support. (Just like there are a lot who would like some db abastraction) I looked around a bit and found that there are …

Oh how I hate software failure

I want a computer that is intelligent enough to say "hey, my RAM is crap and needs to be replaced" or "my motherboard is having issues, get a new one" - instead I get a magic Blue Screen of Death (TM microsoft) with a useless stop error. So I'm quite aware that somewhere on that machine …