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Bookmarks for Webdesigners

Tie-ins vs. original fiction

Read an interesting article on how Tie-in books (e.g. star wars, star trek, et al) are gradually crowding out original stories.

CVSspam lookalike for SVN

So, when I was using CVS as my versioning system, there was a nice little program that would automagically send pretty colored diff emails to a mailing list when commits were made. Well now I've decided it would be a good thing to move to SVN - so I installed it, got it set up and …

Finally, subversion bindings for php

Someone is finally working on some svn bindings for php - I love you Alan.

Adobe buying Macromedia, what is the world coming to?

Evilness - look at that, Adobe wants to buy macromedia. Can you say MONOPOLY. Besides, flash is just evil. It's real nice for 1. games at kid's sites, 2. fancy shit on "artistic" sites e.g. singers/movies/actors webpages. But flash just to drive people nuts...gah.

SCO is losing ground...

For anyone following the often amusing, usually just annoying SCO vs. IBM case - you know the "I own linux" argument, things are starting to wind down. SCO is running out of money, and running out of time. Pretty soon there won't be anything left - I really pity any REAL SCO customers.

Wow - Reporters sure are sucky anymore...

I think reporters currently suck - hell the news media in general sucks. No longer do they research their stories and present unbiased, two sided views of issues, problems, and actions. Now it's simply a feeding frenzy for lots of hits/lots of viewers. Ridiculous.

Spread Firefox and moving on

I don't know whether it's a good thing or a bad thing that a head spread firefox guy is moving on...

Security and Firefox - you can't handle the truth

Well - it's interesting how much "press" (I have a very dim view of press in general) is bashing firefox security, which is amusing for me. It IS inherently more secure than IE for the simple reason that it's not tied into the OS, and anyone who thinks differently needs to read some more. It WILL …

I love webcomics

I love webcomics, both the hand drawn, should be published kind like my favorite psuedo-manga Red String and the funny, let's take old game sprites and do something that can make you pee your pants like 8-bit Theater

Contest Canceled

Well, I'm a bit bummed. I didn't get a single submission for the fanfiction contest, and my own doesn't really count, eh? So the contest for shitennou is officially canceled. Maybe I'll try it again in the summer, as school winds down people have more time to write and be involved. Maybe it's just the sailor …

Give that money to the IRS

well, it's tax day again, and time for you americans to fork that money over to uncle sam, or in some cases get a lot back. income tax has always seemed like a strange beast to me, you'd think they could figure out a method of withholding that would preclude both paying in and getting huge …

Whip XP into shape

Why do I keep windows around on my desktop? Well, first of all my husband uses 3-D engineering software both at home and at work that requires windows. I also have invested money into several copies of WindowsXP and Office (yeah, stupid I know, but several were bought by others for me). The bottom line is …

Happy Birthday, Alex

Today is my youngest son's first birthday, he's walking, trying to talk. And my gosh how time flies. Seems like only yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital. Now he has hair, red hair no less, and he's huge. Why can't I have nice little babies?

Css Formatter/Optimizer

Lookie what I found, a css formatter for lazy people like me who tend to have rather...well...insane css code by the time I'm done with a page.

Javascript goodies - textarea WYSIWYG editors

I've been meaning to integrate some nifty javascript goodies into my scripts. One thing I'd really like is a WYSIWYG editor for text (and images).

Color Design Tool

I love Wellstyled

Mary Sue Test

Mary Sue Test

Young Fanfiction Authors

An interesting article about children and their involvement with fanfiction and how to integrate it into teaching strategies. Personally, the very young writers annoy the heck out of me, I'm of the opinion that really you have to be at least 15 to have learned enough grammar and writings skills, and most importantly to have enough …

Fanfiction Contest Reminder

This is just a reminder to anyone writing something for the Shitennou fanfiction contest - the deadline is this friday, the ninth. I looked at my calendar today and wow, that's close. Remember you'll have an extra week to get stories in if you're just lazy, the actual voting begins the following week on the 16th.

Graphic Designers vs. Html Gurus

Ugh - I did a design this week, half of monday and all of tuesday, actually. I've never actually tried to do a logo design/layout in that amount of time but I managed. I've remembered something I've always known about myself. I'm not a graphic designer.

My Mod idea...

Well, they're doing a mod/plugin contest for wordpress and lots of people have been whining for a pear::db solution for wordpress - so starting april 15th I'll be hacking up a class to emulate the calls from wp-db and using pear::db as the backend. I'll also have to create a way to parse and substitute queries …

Sick Kids eat your time

My youngest has The cold from hell, you know, the kind that makes you all raspy and the yellow gunk out of the nose, the fever, the general grumpiness. And of course, he wants to be held all the time. Ugh, I hate it when kids get sick, I can't get anything done. It's generally hard …

Spring Break and Kids

Well, yesterday I sent my oldest son to Arizona with his grandma for spring break. I made plans in advance because the very last thing that anyone wants is their kids HOME during spring break. Then I'd have to come up with all kinds of ways to keep him busy and generally out of my hair. …

A brief wayback history of me online

I was considering what I named my blog the other day. Actually the title comes from some of my early forays into the online community. Before there was my Shitennou site there was my first fanfiction site called Heaven's Dawn - - now it's owned by one of those annoying steal the site and put …