This is the personal website of Elizabeth Marie Smith. I am a wife, mother of four, Open Source advocate and volunteer in many open source projects. I also speak at conferences, mentor new programmers, and am not ashamed to sometimes be the grouchy old lady. I'm operating system and platform agnostic since I believe every system has strengths and weaknesses, and a good programmer knows them all instead of slavishly believing theirs is the best by right of technological religion. I also write fiction and fanfiction, sew, knit, teach ballet and enjoy video games,anime and manga, fantasy, sci-fi and romance novels.


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The Badger Coming In 6

And when I sit along the shore and watch the waves hit the beach I see the distant shadow of a ship making its way into port and I wonder about the people standing against the railing or looking out the windows into the sunshine. Why are they crossing the great body of water in a way that is almost antiquated in our modern society? Do they need the wind on their face and the waves rolling under their feet? Or is it simply the need for nostalgia, to go back to a less complicated time. I sit on the beach and simply relax; I remember that at the end of the day I'm only flipping bits and meddling with electrical pulses, and it's not nearly as important as making something real and lasting, like the relationships with my friends and family.